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In the summer of 2013, I moved on from my job at the Boston Phoenix and spent the following three years studying the professional lives and political opinions of Millennial-aged adults across the continental United States. My research has included more than 300 interviews with Millennial participants, always conducted on location, from the Maine suburbs to Marina del Rey.

I study Millennials for one simple yet urgent reason: Millennials are now the largest living generation in America. By 2024, they'll have more voting power than any other demographic. The Millennial majority will reshape America as we know it.  

My upcoming book, The Early Voters (pictured) offers an extended glimpse at how the Millennial majority will likely vote - or not vote - in future elections. For those who aspire to further understand and reach Millennials, I offer the following services.

Messaging Consultations. How strongly does your organization or mission connect with Millennials? Is your messaging primed for Millennial engagement? Why Millennials? Together, we'll tackle these questions and move you closer to establishing a communications strategy that will spark commerce with today's young adults. 

Speaking Engagements. You learn (and see) a lot while conducting boots-on-the-ground research on young people. My Millennial research lectures are designed to educate and entertain in equal measure. I also offer motivational talks on how to produce independent media projects: these speaking events are specifically tailored to college and high school-aged audiences. .

Media Appearances. I'm always ready to provide live commentary on legislative and cultural news events that impact the lives of young adults. Radio, podcasts, network television, YouTube, live panels: Call me up and I'll be there.

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Please note that all political consultation inquiries are subject to a preliminary client review—the result of which will be used to determine the scope of our collaboration. Thank you in advance for understanding.